July 2018-Understanding socio-emotional needs


What’s in your sack of emotions?

Fundacion Futuro Digital and EDICOM sponsored the training I delivered in Valencia. It was very well-recieved by professionals from a range of schools in the area. During the sessions, I talked about understanding children’s emotional responses. I also discussed ways to observe emotional responses and use observations to plan future learning opportunities. A Sack of Emotions was used to represent those emotions we are often unable to see but many of us still carry.It is not always easy to identify what our own emotional needs might be. During my sessions I offer practitioners opportunities to understand themselves. We connect with each other and learn how to connect with children so that we can support them.


1 thought on “July 2018-Understanding socio-emotional needs”

  1. Alicia’s training helped me corroborate my own beliefs. I feel very fortunate to work in a school where I can focus on the emotional needs of the children. The strategies I learned during the workshop I attended have been useful in my interactions with children and colleagues.

    Mina Lamanna
    Early Years Teacher
    St. Francis of Assisi of Santeramo
    Primary School
    Bari – Puglia, Italy

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