I have a number of publications to my name; this page provides you with links to a few of them.

Education Today Magazine

I have been writing monthly articles for Education Today Magazine since December 2014. Here are links to my most recent articles:

Exploring choices and supporting needs

Playing to be educated

Planning through interactions

But I am 4, I can’t write stories

The simplicity of learning to fly 

The adults of tomorrow are still children today

Less is more

That thing called learning

Not only Mathematics, but a lot more!

Who is the real winner?

Teaching moments

The power of magic in a world of dreams

Sounds and sounds and more sounds

Spontaneity makes learning meaningful

The era of technologically-connected, emotionally disconnected people

Understanding learning and development go together in any classroom

Just wait and see

Emotions make you who you are

In the village square-En la plaza de mi pueblo

Ready, steady … let’s go to school!

Experiences shape our emotions

Assessing uniqueness

The well-being trend

A few words from the editor

“Alicia is very much the voice of Early Years in the magazine. As an important and much-valued regular contributor, her thoughtful, well-researched pieces offer our readers key insights into children’s development during the Early Years stage, and suggest methods of interaction and learning based on her years of experience as an Early Years teacher. Early Years is such an important first step on a child’s journey through education, and Alicia brings warmth, wit and erudition to the subject.”

Jonathan Swift

Magazine Editor


Radio Interview

On 16/07/18 I was interviewed on Ondacero Radio in Valencia in connection with my research into human interactions and the impact on emotional development – you can hear the interview (in Spanish) from around 26’30 by clicking here