I offer consultancy services tailored to the needs of your setting, with a range of different options that we can discuss and customise. My consultancy services are based around three main areas:

Analysis of learning environment


Are you due to be inspected soon? Were you advised to improve your practice?

I can help you assess the environment to identify what might be missing. My guidance will be based on the development of new observation systems that work for the team of practitioners and the children in your care. Your setting is unique and I can help you discover that. During the consultation period, we work together to design a system that is specific for your setting. 

Let’s discuss how we can work together. You already have the magic wand, let’s use it!

Understanding emotional responses


Do you understand why children behave the way they do?

This session focuses on the use of observations to highlight the individual socio-emotional needs of children.It introduces the use of ” The Sacks of emotions” . “The Sack of emotions” is one of the strategies I developed after a series of training sessions in a setting in India. It helps practitioners understand that we all carry a sack made out of everything we have experienced throughout our lives. During a 3 hour session we discuss ways to identify socio-emotional needs. We then learn to use the information to understand children’s behaviour.

What attendees think

“Alicia supported our team during the introduction of new Communication & Language procedures in the Early Years section of our school. I put her ideas into practice with my class and developed a true bond with the children in my care. She reminded me how important it is to try to understand children before any curriculum expectations are set.”

                                                                                Nursery Teacher, Sharjah,  UAE

“Alicia’s training helped me corroborate my own beliefs. I feel very fortunate to work in a school where I can focus on the emotional needs of the children. The strategies I learned during the workshop I attended have been useful in my interactions with children and colleagues.”

                                                                               Mina Lamanna. Early Years teacher, Italy

Family engagement sessions


Do you feel the parents in your setting need help? Do they know how to interact with their children?

These sessions are normally a Parent Forum where parents can voice their concerns. The aim of the session is to help parents feel they can talk about what worries them. My role changes depending on the needs that arise during the discussions. During the discussions, parents feel supported and tend to stay in touch. It is important they understand that there is someone at the other end of the phone ready to listen.

These community forums are normally organised by schools and nursery settings. There is always coffee and cake which helps when trying to open up. My goal is to support to families who feel they lack the understanding to support their children.

What parents think

“As a parent sometimes you need to take a step back and remember that education is rounded, it involves so much more than just the child and the school. It’s important for us as parents to keep learning too (something many people switch off from after they have completed their own formal education). Alicia’s training gave me the opportunity to sit back, reflect, learn and appreciate the individual child. Once you develop your own understanding you quickly realise every child is different, they learn at their own pace and in their own unique ways and it is our job to support them. Thank you Alicia for giving us all such a fantastic opportunity to appreciate, challenge and reflect on our role as parents.”

                                                                                    Alison Chesworth, Parent from Lancashire